Plantation shutters are one of the most popular window coverings available today. They are made of wood that is either painted or stained. The shutters come in many different styles and sizes to suit every home decor. Shutters were once used by plantation workers as protection from the sun’s rays and was used to keep plants in place during droughts. These shutters were originally called honeycomb shades and remained the same name until the late 1800s.

Plantation Shutters AdelaideA plantation shutter is a stable and sturdy window shade, usually consisting of a strong frame of wooden slats and vertical railings. Often, there are louvres attached to the top of the blinds, and some are available with a flexible cover available to be pulled away for cleaning. Inserts in the louvres can be solid panels, cloth, glass, louvres and practically any other material attached to a stable frame. Window blinds are also available that are opened inwards or outwards; these look like mini blinds but operate in the same manner.

The most popular shutter type in Plantation Shutters Adelaide is the wood plantation shutters because of their durability and wood grains that give them a rich appearance. The slats are crafted from hardwoods such as maple and oak and painted white or painted mahogany. Although hardwood is the best suitable material for plantation shutters, vinyl-coated woods are also available in the market. These vinyl slats are durable, easy to clean and maintenance-free.

It has been observed that the typical modern style of plantation shutters are now available in a variety of colours. White is traditionally considered as the colour of choice for the exterior of the house, but it has given way to other colours, including light blue, cream, charcoal, rust, sand, walnut, and burgundy. Most of these shades make the wooden slats appear more dimensional and organic. The wood grains also give them a rich look.

Apart from providing an aesthetic and elegant appearance, they are highly useful and functional because of their energy efficiency as a window treatment. Because of its energy efficiency, a lot of people have turned to them to cover their windows. They are an economical solution for insulating your house from natural heat coming from the sun. If you want to save money on your energy bills, you should visit this URL to install plantation shutters on your windows.

On the other hand, wooden plantation shutters are not as durable as vinyl ones. Also, the wooden slats are easily damaged if not properly maintained. The slats are commonly known to break after being exposed to strong weather. Furthermore, old-fashioned wooden louvres are hard to handle. As mentioned earlier, they can only be opened at the bottom. The bottom part of the louvres is composed of hard metal strips, so it can easily be damaged by using screwdrivers and pliers.