When using pallet freezers, you will find that spacers are necessary to maintain the temperature of frozen products. They are used in cold stores and carton meat processing facilities to speed up the process of freezing, chilling, and thawing foods. These pallet freezer spacers are made of food-safe HDPE and will prevent unwanted movement during the freezing process. In addition, the patented technology that these products employ will significantly reduce the time needed to chill, freeze, and thaw foods properly.

pallet freezer spacersWhile using Stockinette Bags pallet freezer spacers, you must remember to follow certain safety procedures. First, you should avoid using pallet freezers with a horizontal racking system. It is because pallets do not fit well into horizontal racking systems. Therefore, the use of a vertical racking system is recommended. However, a vertical racking system is also necessary if you have an overhead racking system. In preventing a temperature change, the freezer should be kept at -3°F or less.

Next, you should consider the racking you have. It is best to use a vertical racking system, while horizontal racking systems should be avoided. Finally, it is important to choose a suitable sizing for the freezer. The width of the pallet freezer spacer should be as large as the length of the racking. If you are using a vertical sling, you should ensure that the sling is wide enough to accommodate the pallet freezers.

When choosing between wooden and plastic Stockinette Bags pallet freezer spacers, you must consider the material and temperature of the products. Plastic freezer spacers are more durable and easier to work with. They are also designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures. They are easy to clean and maintain their structural integrity even after multiple uses. In addition, they are reusable and can be easily sanitised. The advantages of using plastic freezer spacers cannot be overstated. They can be reused and are a smart investment for your food storage business.

For optimal freezer space, freezer spacers are essential for ensuring an even distance between the rows of the freezer. These spacers are installed between rows to avoid unnecessary collisions. The best ones are manufactured to be compatible with the size and style of the freezer racks. They can be used in both solid and corrugated pallets. The two types of pallets can be used in the same aisle. They are usually stacked one above the other to avoid damage to each other.

Using pallet freezer spacers is best to prevent cross-contamination between dairy products. These spacers prevent cross-contamination by preventing cross-contamination. It helps you avoid wasting energy, and if you don’t use the spacers correctly, you can cause damage to your products. In addition, it can be hazardous to the food. It is therefore essential to use these spacers to prevent these issues.

There are several reasons to purchase pallet freezer spacers. They will not only keep your products cold, but they will also save you time. These spacers are made of plastic and come in various sizes and weights, ranging from 3,600 lbs. static capacity to 16,500 lbs. at 175 C. Most are washable, recyclable, and chemical resistant. These spacers are ideal for food processing, cold storage, automated palletising, and robot picking industries.

A pallet freezer spacer is crucial in blast freezing or storing frozen foods. They provide a secure, solid connection between two freestanding units. One type of pallet freezer spacer is a row spacer, which bolts into punched sides of adjacent frames. These spacers are available in three-inch x one- and three-inch posts and can span up to 46 ft.

The main purpose of freezer spacers is to hold steel mesh off the bottom of a form to improve the speed of blast freezing. They are also made of durable polyethylene to withstand a wide range of temperatures and are easy to replace. Furthermore, they can be easily stored and retrieved. In addition to their organisational benefits, freezer spacers can be used for various applications. They are available in black and blue and in several different sizes.