You might not know where to start if you’ve never paddled an Outdoor Play packrafts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, it’s best to begin by practising at a local pond. Practice launching and landing, maneuvering your boat and getting back into it. To increase safety, try falling out without hitting anything. And practice getting back in and paddling. Then, you can safely move on to the water.

Alpacka Scout

Outdoor Play packraftsWhen it comes to lightweight packrafts, Alpacka is the undisputed leader. With their lightweight rafts, you can take them to far-flung locations and still fit them into most backpacks. The Scout is a stripped-down version of the whitewater packraft, which is versatile and durable. It is perfect for long-distance trekking, mellow river crossings, and lightweight travel. However, if you want to enjoy whitewater adventures, you can opt to purchase the TiZip.

The full-sized ultralight packraft is one of the lightest packrafts on the market. Its hull and floor are extremely stable and withstand moderate to large rapids. The design features a specialty load bow strap to balance heavier loads. The NRS Scout has a lifetime warranty. The lightweight raft is also great for a long, deep river crossing. It has a sturdy floor and a padded seat. It also comes with a repair kit in case it breaks.

Kokopelli Nirvana

Kokopelli’s outdoor play packrafts have quickly become an icon in the pack raft industry with an upturned bowl and long, flat stern. Kokopelli has made packrafting affordable by outsourcing production to China and limiting customization, but they’ve also teamed up with many professional and amateur boaters for media projects and sponsorships. In 2017, they even became a popular packraft with REI, a leading outdoors retail chain. The popularity of packrafts grew exponentially during the mid-2010s, but new ideas were not necessarily followed.

The Nirvana packraft is lightweight and durable, yet it can handle a variety of water levels. So if you’re looking for an ideal pack raft for post-work laps, the Recon is an excellent choice. At only 18.5 pounds, it’s easy to carry on your back and won’t take up much room. And if you’re on a budget, the Recon is a great choice for outdoor play.


Nortek Outdoor Play packrafts are among the best inflatable rafts on the market and are popular with families and professionals who want to enjoy a fun, relaxing day on the water. The company’s reputation for innovation and quality is deserved, as the packrafts are made by skilled craftsmen in the USA. In addition, Nortek packs are easy to repair and maintain, and the company’s customer service is second to none.

Nortek packrafts are lightweight and durable and are made of high-quality thermoplastic urethane. They have been tested for extreme performance, making them a great value for money. Their design and construction are protected by trademark. Regardless of whether you prefer a small river or a large lake, the Outdoor Play packrafts are versatile enough to handle various water types. And the brand’s patent-pending patent allows Nortik to manufacture its brand of packrafts.


To maintain the durability of a TiZIP packraft, you should lubricate the zipper after each use. Keep it in a low-humidity and climate-controlled area. Here are some tips for lubricating the zipper:

While packrafts are lightweight and easy to transport, they still require maintenance. They should be checked and repaired regularly, especially if used often. It is good to bring extra hands if you need to make repairs to the raft. In addition to glue and fabrics, you can use a pump to pump the raft. It is also recommended to bring a dry bag. After all, packrafting is an outdoor activity.

Alpacka Expedition

The Alpacka Expedition Outdoor Play packraft is designed for kids and adults to paddle around a lake. The lightweight design features a seat hatch, a zipper, and clips on the inside tube. These features make the packraft very versatile. In addition, the packrat can be converted into a ‘backpack’ style if desired. The ‘Escape’ packraft is the most expensive model.

This packraft has several innovative features, including an integrated waterproof compartment and an internal storage compartment. It also has a patented four-point thigh strap rigging system. Aside from all of these features, Alpacka’s packrafts are easy to roll. Skilled paddlers can easily roll the boat without worry. These Outdoor Play packrafts are designed to be used in various whitewater conditions and can be customized for different activities.