If you’re looking to make your home more relaxed and more comfortable during both the summer and winter seasons, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit in your home is the best solution that will optimize the temperature, all at the click of a button. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is the best option for full climate control within a property, as well as ensuring that every room will enjoy the perfect temperature all year round. Check out www.Climat.com.au for some of the best reverse cycle air conditioners in the market. Continue reading now to know how this type of air conditioning system works.


How Does Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work?

Unlike a traditional split system air conditioner, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit works to provide an entire home with both cooling and heating solution. It can cool or warm multiple rooms and areas, or a single room, all through an easy-to-use central thermostat. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioner comes with two systems:


  • A ceiling-mounted interior duct system in each room throughout the home.
  • An outdoor compressor that’s located outside the house to power the system throughout the entire property.


The central thermostat is installed in a convenient location within the home, such as the living room wall or the kitchen. It’s used to programme and isolate the air in specified rooms, as well as manage the temperature and other functions of the air conditioner. Check out www.Climat.com.au now for some of the best deals.


Zone Control

The zone control feature allows for different areas to be set up within your house, as well as for airflow to be passed to these ‘zones’ as required. Each ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system has a unique amount of available zones. These areas can be tailored for each system to meet with your exact living conditions and other needs. For instance, if you’re working from home and as a particular zone to be cold during the day, you can set zone control from your central thermostat, which will isolate that particular zone and air-conditioned. While this is happening, other bedrooms and areas that are not being used are not exposed to any unnecessary air conditioning, which will help you save on your monthly energy bill.


For more information on how ducted air conditioning Adelaide works, check out our blog post. Again, for the best deals and promos on your preferred air conditioners, check out www.Climat.com.au.