An infrared heating blanket works like a heavy sleeping bag which heats the sauna room quickly. The blanket itself consists of several layers of fabric and a light metal plate with holes in it. The fabric is similar to a sheet that may be used to wrap a tent. This blanket is, of course, to be treated just like a more specialised, less personal sauna. However, wearing clothing is usually optional, while lying comfortably naked is highly recommended.

As an infrared sauna blanket operates by convection, it is important to have a cover to trap air efficiently. The various thin layers of fabric should be able to trap air and trap heat within effectively. Therefore, the blanket must be made of very high quality, waterproof fabric. The most important thing is the blanket’s design, as the thickness and colour of every blanket depend on the purpose for which it will be used. In addition to this, the blanket must have an easy-to-clean surface. The best blankets are washable and lightweight, but some excellent blankets would not require any washing at all, for instance, those made with waterproof vinyl.

Some infrared sauna blankets, including those with waterproof vinyl, have a remote control built into the blanket’s fabric. However, it is possible to buy a remote control attached to the wall using waterproof PVC. This remote control will usually allow the user to raise or lower the heater inside the sauna room and allow the user to switch the temperature on and off from a remote location. In addition, many infrared sauna blanket designs include a small LCD screen that displays the current temperature level, which may interest some users.

Although the infrared heating blanket will work better in conjunction with the infrared sauna kit, it can still be quite useful for providing even higher heat levels. One of the advantages of an infrared blanket is that it can provide higher heat settings than a traditional sauna, sometimes up to six hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This can certainly make them more suitable to use in industrial applications where high temperatures are required. The higher heat settings generally work better for larger rooms, such as offices and large houses.

An infrared heating blanket can be so beneficial when it comes to detoxification because the amount of heat generated is much greater than that produced by either a traditional sauna or a detoxification machine. Traditional saunas use three to four kilowatts of power, while detoxification machines use five to ten kilowatts. Of course, the more powerful the machine, the more waste the system will create. However, the infrared blankets generate enough heat to eliminate waste products without creating harmful ash or fumes. Therefore, this blanket allows users to enjoy a higher detoxification experience that would not be possible if a traditional sauna or detoxification machine were used.

Finally, an infrared sauna blanket can also make the experience more enjoyable. Because it eliminates the need to worry about sweating and the associated bacteria, users will find that they can get through their day much easier. For example, when the saunas produce sweat, they leave smelly sweat on furniture, walls, floors, and other areas that aren’t dried out by the steam. However, an infrared sauna blanket eliminates this problem, meaning users will get to enjoy their day even more, and they won’t need to worry about having unsightly sweat marks.